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CustomCon 25 Announced

CustomCon 25 LogoRaving Toy Maniac has announced the details for CustomCon 25.  The custom action figure event will be held from Monday, April 5, 2010 through Friday, April 9, 2010.

Even though the CustomCon kicks off three months from now, the deadline for submitting your entries is only two months away: Monday, March 8, 2010.  Submission guidelines and further details can be found at Raving Toy Maniac’s CustomCon 25 - Spring 2010 page.

To find links to past CustomCon events and read about its creation, please visit our About CustomCon page.

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CustomCon 22 starts Monday

CustomCon 22Host: Raving Toy Maniac

Dates: April 6-10, 2009

More Information: CustomCon 22 - Spring 2009

Everyone’s favorite online custom action figure convention is on the other side of this weekend. As always, the week-long web event will feature collections of brand new, never before seen custom action figures created by customizers from around the world.

To find links to past CustomCon events and read about its creation, please visit our About CustomCon page.

by Trip at 7:58:25 PM - November 10, 2008

New Custom Action Figures - 11/10

It’s been two weeks, and there’s not a lot of new stuff out there from the usual suspects. Here’s a couple of updates from the Custom Archive:

Bowen Style Deadpool Figure by Kyle Robinson - Kyle Robinson made this one from an HML Union Jack body and a Rob Bowen Deadpool bust, to capture perhaps the most unique and appropriate facial expression for the Merc with a Mouth.

X-Force Warpath by Aaozz9 - Warpath was crafted from a ToyBiz Conan figure by aaozz9.  The creator’s description was very concise, so is mine.

If you’ve got new figure to let the world know about, let us know and we’ll help get the word out.  Tell us about your new figures here.

by Trip at 11:11:02 PM - October 27, 2008

New Custom Action Figures - 10/28

Following ever so slowly on the heels of CustomCon 21, here’s all I’ve found in the way of new custom action figures since my last update.

New Custom Tuesday - 9/16/8 • Posted shortly after my last update, this one features Glory of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame from MsBigPileofDust, along with the standard list of updates appearing in their galleries.

New Custom Tuesday - 9/23/8 • This entry spotlights Maxx’s AIM Squad figure, with links to 5 other new figures.

New Custom Tuesday - 10/7/8 • Showing off Ibentmyman-thing’s Spider-Man plus 8 more.

New Custom Tuesday - 10/21/8 • 3 very well done classic carded Star Wars figures from Tykrazen and 8 brand new figures from other customizers.

Here’s a whole slew of updates from U.S. Agent by SPC Airborne, Marvel vs Capcom Hulk by Jin Saotome, Corsair by Buzzy Fret, Iron Nazi & Mainframe by Chris Morada, Odin by WingsCustoms, and Iron Buster Iron Man by Jin Saotome.

by Trip at 2:33:46 PM - October 11, 2008

CustomCon 21 - Day 5

CustomCon 21 wrapped up yesterday with 4 final assortments of custom action figures.

JB Designs returns for a fourth entry in his Justice League Unlimited 3-pack series featuring a striking Captain Boomerang.

In a throwback to the mid 1990s, Rabid_Ewok brings out a Valiant Legends series inspired by the Shadowman comic.

David Harris produced an 8-figure assortment of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Even though the line lacks the title characters, you should definitely check it out if you were ever a fan.

Finally, Marvel’s recent re-imagining of X-Force is represented in a 4-figure line from Norman Dapito.  All four major characters are represented: Wolverine, Warpath, X-23, and Wolfsbane.

Check out CustomCon 21 in its entirety at Joe Acevedo’s CustomZone.

by Trip at 9:50:20 PM - October 9, 2008

CustomCon 21 - Day 4

Day 4 of CustomCon 21 brings some more DC characters, a full line of Marvel Legends, and some imaginative vampire hunting.

JB Designs returns yet again with another Justice League Unlimited 3-pack.  Today’s offering includes two better-known characters, both of whom have appeared on the big screen: Two-Face and Poison Ivy.

John Bodin gives us an F.A.O. Schwartz exclusive Justice League Unlimited figure in the form of Captain Marvel.  Take note: the head and cape were sculpted from scratch.

Ken Dembowski (Mattman) may have finally run out of characters to customize.  He brings an all Marvel, 8-character Dragonman build-a-figure assortment to the table this time, and I’ve never heard of 6 of them!  … but I guess that doesn’t mean too terribly much.

Finally, Sasha offers up a 5 piece "Tall Tales" collection from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Each item in her collection required some genuine thought and reflects a knack for choosing good base figures.  The sculpted details look quite good, and she did a great job of turning Brett Favre into a vampire football player.

Check out CustomCon 21.

by Trip at 7:28:52 PM - October 8, 2008

CustomCon 21 - Day 3

Day 3 of CustomCon 21 brings four new assortments.

JB Designs hits us with another Justice League Unlimited 3-pack; Figurechick makes her CustomCon debut with a 3-figure assortment of The Lone Gunmen; and Terayne and Dano combined their efforts on a Marvel Zombies Wolverine.

The big line today is courtesy of Sillof, creator of the Steampunk Star Wars waves seen in previous CustomCon showings.  The line has been renamed to Steam Wars and includes 11 figures in its Return of the Jedi wave.  Joe Acevedo said it best:

[Sillof’s] re-visioned characters are full of retro-futurism twists and antiquated design elements. Great lengths were taken to give the entire line […] a cohesive aesthetic.

Head over to Joe Acevedo’s site, and check out CustomCon 21.

by Trip at 9:05:48 PM - October 7, 2008

CustomCon 21 - Day 2

Day 2 of CustomCon 21 brings us 5 new sets of action figures.  JB Designs kicks things off with a Justice League Unlimited 3-pack including a menacingly cloaked Hourman.

Johnny B brings us another wave of The UndergroundSaintSyn offers up a collection of Mars Attacks! action figures complete with a Martian flying saucer.  A single figure line from ofwolfandman called Media Madness features the title character from The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

In my opinion, the class of Day 2 is Iron Cow’s The Lost Wave.  I don’t mean to detract from the work of the other contributors, but Iron Cow really did an amazing job.  Each of the 5 figures is done really well, but the two standouts are his Neal Adams inspired Trenchcoat Joker and the Ed McGuinness inspired Batman.  The details and paints apps are precise and intricate, but he was really able to capture in figure form the same essence that the artist’s themselves captured in the comics.

Click here to visit CustomCon 21.

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CustomCon 21 - Day 1

CustomCon 21 is upon us.  Joe Acevedo is once again hosting the fall event over at his website.  Day 1 kicked off with 5 lines of new custom action figures…

First up is a six-man collaboration on Squadron Supreme that produced a whopping 15 figures.  Dr. Solstice produced 6 of the figures including a great looking Speed DemonGlassman added 2 figures including a noteworthy Mink.  A wingy Nighthawk figure is among the three contributed by Stew.

Johnny B gives us wave six of his coming-soon online graphic novel The Underground, featuring some creative characters and nice paint applications.

Day 1 also featured two lines of inaction figures - one line inspired by My Little Pony and one line featuring only a Stan Lee Mighty Mugg.

Finally, in a strange combination of old school and new school, there’s a line of Jack Kirby’s Project Cadmus in Minimates form.

Head over to CustomCon 21 to check out all of the Day 1 lines and custom action figures.

by Trip at 12:38:39 PM - September 14, 2008

New Custom Action Figures - 9/14

After a layoff of several weeks, New Custom Tuesday made its return to The Fwoosh last week.  The featured custom action figure is Sith_Fire30’s Darth Krayt.  Sith_Fire30 has done an outstanding job of both sculpting and painting with incredible detail for a figure in the standard Star Wars 3-3/4 inch.  To check out this and 24 other new pieces, head on over to The Fwoosh and check out New Custom Tuesday.

At, DoubleDealer’s Deadpool is featured.  DoubleDealer is not only able to produce an incredibly comic-accurate figure, he does it while maintaining the incredible articulation of his base figures.  You can read a little about his process and check out the photos over at by clicking here.

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