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by Trip at 12:43:05 AM - July 30, 2008

CustomCon 20 Recap

CustomCon 20CustomCon 20 is in the books.  Hosted once again by the boys and girls at The Fwoosh, CustomCon 20 featured lots of great work.  39 pages of new custom action figures brought a strong mix of classically inspired figures and down right goofy creativity.

One of the more creative lines is brought to you by Meatloaf of Darkness - Enemas of the Loaf - who finally accomplished the impossible task of putting squash, a donut, and some vengeful, vulgar vegemite into action figure form.  Not to be outdone, Apathy Ink stepped to the table with a very detailed (both the figure and the back story) entry called GombiZobPocalypse.

In a more classic vein, Marvel and DC are again very well represented.  Monkey Pops set the bar with 8 total waves of custom actions figures.  His Sword & Shield Productions created 5 waves of All-Star Squadron and 3 waves of X-Men Evolutions - featuring the original 5 X-Men in various team outfits.

My personal favorite is Raybot’s Ultimate X-Men line.  6 well detailed custom action figures join three existing ToyBiz creations to make up this 9 character team.

As usual, there’s just too much for me to sum up into one tiny blog entry.  Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself, and sing the praises of the participants in The Fwoosh’s forums.

by Trip at 11:15:23 PM - July 24, 2008

New Custom Action Figures - 7/25

New Custom Tuesday - 7/15/8 • The spotlight is on an awesome Knightrider Transformer custom action figure created by Ven.  The nearly-weekly feature also has links to 9 other new custom action figures that appear at The Fwoosh.

New Custom Tuesday - 7/8/8 • This entry features Jbuchoa’s 1980s styled Marvel Legends figure of Dazzler from the X-Men and links to 10 other custom action figures on display at The Fwoosh.

New Custom Tuesday - 6/24/8 • Customizer Calbretto has created a playset of sorts with his warehouse diorama.  The piece also features links to 11 other new custom action figures.

Tired of seeing nothing but The Fwoosh’s New Custom Tuesday here?  So are we, but it’s hard to keep track of all the galleries and websites that feature custom action figures.  We need your help.  Click Here to let us know what’s new, and we’ll get the word out.