About CustomCon

CustomCons are custom action figure conventions. This is where action figure customizers create new action figure assortments and series as though they were real action figure manufacturers. Take a look through the pages, and you will find a little bit of everything, from television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Trek to comics like Batman, Superman and the X-Men to video games like Mortal Kombat and Pokemon.

Created in 1999 by Trip Somers at Customize It!, the CustomCon lived on thanks to the hard work of Joe Acevedo and Tim J. Priebe. Since its inception, the CustomCon has grown into an absolutely massive online event, far exceeding its creator’s expectations. The current roster of hosts features Joe Acevedo, Trip Somers, the Raving Toy Maniacs, and the boys over at The Fwoosh.