by Trip at 11:11:02 PM - October 27, 2008

New Custom Action Figures - 10/28

Following ever so slowly on the heels of CustomCon 21, here’s all I’ve found in the way of new custom action figures since my last update.

New Custom Tuesday - 9/16/8 • Posted shortly after my last update, this one features Glory of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame from MsBigPileofDust, along with the standard list of updates appearing in their galleries.

New Custom Tuesday - 9/23/8 • This entry spotlights Maxx’s AIM Squad figure, with links to 5 other new figures.

New Custom Tuesday - 10/7/8 • Showing off Ibentmyman-thing’s Spider-Man plus 8 more.

New Custom Tuesday - 10/21/8 • 3 very well done classic carded Star Wars figures from Tykrazen and 8 brand new figures from other customizers.

Here’s a whole slew of updates from U.S. Agent by SPC Airborne, Marvel vs Capcom Hulk by Jin Saotome, Corsair by Buzzy Fret, Iron Nazi & Mainframe by Chris Morada, Odin by WingsCustoms, and Iron Buster Iron Man by Jin Saotome.

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