Speed Racer

This Speed Racer line is by Skull Duggery.

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From left to right they are: Kadar, Kim Jugger, Mom Racer, Ace Ducey and X.

Kadar: Kadar's body is a Resaurus SR Assassin figure. His head is a Toy Biz Tony Stark. His helmet was from an Age of Apocalypse Magneto. I cut the clear plastic for the face shield from the blister tray the helmet came in so it was a perfect fit : ) I dug up the treasure chest somewhere, some blue and red paint and he's done.

Prince Jugger: Ah the old Prince of Flathill Country, Kim Jugger's body is a Resaurus SR Assassin figure. His head is an Avengers Scarlett Witch, what can I say? He had girly eyes. His helmet and scarf are Knead O modeling compound. His goggles are made of that Sticky Tak stuff and are removable until I figure out how to put a lens in them.

Mom Racer: I made this one is for a certain on- line toy buzzer we all love ;o). Mom's body is a Resaurus SR Assassin figure...... NOT! Actually Moms is my first Speed custom not made from a Resaurus base figure. From her waist up she was a Final Fantasy VIII Selphie Telmitz and from the waist down she was a Bandai Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Nina Purpleton. I resculpted her hair and made the apron with Knead O also made the cookies and painted them the cookie tray is tinfoil covered cardboard.

Ace Ducey: Ace was a Resaurus SR Assassin figure. His helmet is Knead O And his gun is actually the exact gun that he shoots Trixie's plane down with. It just so happens that the Resaurus Capt. Terror figure came with that gun. Thanks again ReSaurus! We speed fans will miss you. : (

Champion X: Gadge was a Resaurus Racer X.

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