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Secret Headquarters

Super Hi-Tech Bionic Laboratory

  • Animation
Entrance Parts: floor & roof, rear doors (x2), rubber band, statues (x2), columns (x2), sliding chair parts, bridge, ladder
Main Center Parts: floor & roof, walls (x2), doors (x2), turntable base, gears (1 large, 1 small) w/axle, turntable insert w/moon shapes, turntable top
Weapon Unit Parts: floor & roof, doors (x2), wall, wall brackets (x2)
Spinning Weapon Parts: nose cone parts, spinning blades, inner halves, outer halves
Time Capsule Unit Parts: floor & roof, walls (x2), elevator halves (x2), lookout tower, turning screen, guns (x2)
Projector Parts: tube parts (x2), tube coil halves (x2), front halves (x2), rear halves (x2), bracket
4 and Up
Release Year
Package Description

The Bennett family stands in front of a brick wall in the famous Sharp Museum of Science. Instantly, the statues move aside and the wall opens to reveal a secret entrance. But an entrance to what? It's Professor Sharp's super, high-tech Bionic Laboratory. This is where the Bionic Six receive their assignments, prepare their plans as well as examine and test their Bionic powers. The Lab features a unique circular track design which allows for the layout of the module pieces to change whenever it is necessary, a rotating "Energizer" Turntable, a pivoting Bionic Beam Projector, a spinning "Ionizer" Cannon and many more Bionic/electronic "toys" that Professor Sharp has invented. With such an impressive collection of equipment, it's no wonder the Evil Minions of Destruction and their ruthless leader, Dr. Scarab, are constantly attacking the Lab and trying to take over. It's up to you to help the Bionic Six protect the Laboratory and use its good Bionic power to keep the world safe.