The well known virtual (and fictional!) custom action figure trade show has seen entries from around the world by action figure customizers with a variety of skills and talent levels. At any given CustomCon, you might see novice hobbyists present their work alongside experienced -- and sometimes even professional -- artists.

Though they are sometimes presented by their creators as solicitations by real manufacturers such as Hasbro, these pages are actually fan art showcases. The action figures on display at these events are not official merchandise.

Hosted by The original home of CustomCon!

Started in 1999 at Customize It!, the now defunct custom action figure blog that became, CustomCon has been running strong for 20 years (!!!). has not been host to a new CustomCon since the original, but it is the current host to five of the first eight events.

All CustomCon Events

Since its inception, CustomCon has seen multiple hosts come and go:, , The Raving Toy Maniac , The Fwoosh , and .

You will find a link to each CustomCon below.