Water Shooting Action

Turret gun
Front doors (x2)
Rear doors (x2)
Water reservoir
Item Notes

Appears to have been produced in two different colors: a blue shade of purple or a purplish pink.

5 and Up
Release Year
Manufacturer No.
Package Description

Don't get caught in the grips of The Joker as he uses his freewheeling Van to stir up trouble. The two hinging front doors give The Joker easy loading and unloading access to the front of the van, and there are also 2 hinging back doors that open to a large storage area. When least expected The Joker can strike out with water at an unsuspecting victim. With a press of a button located on the roof of the van, The Joker can reveal the water squirting action hidden in the front grill. SURPRISE! There's also a secret pop up seat that has room for the tricky Joker to sit and fire a rotatable gun, perfect for trying to get rid of Batman!