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Classic Storm / X-Men: The Movie Storm

Limited Edition 1 of 15,000
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Removable costumes
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5 and Up
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035112 433484
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Marvel Comics introduced Storm in the pages of Giant-Sized X-Men #1. This oversized comic introduced a brand new team of international mutant super heroes and relaunched the X-Men series. Ororo Munroe, the beautiful white-haired hero with the ability to control the weather was an instant hit with comic readers. Fans fell in love with the beautiful woman that could command the wind, rain, lightning and thunder. The strong-willed and self confident young woman had been worshiped as a goddess in her homeland of Africa before joining Professor X's team and becoming the team's leader. In 2000, Storm and the other X-Men heroes and villains will finally make the jump to the big screen in a star-stubbed, feature-length blockbuster from Fox Films. World famous actress and model Halle Berry takes the role of Ororo Munroe. The superstar will use her acting prowess to bring the complicated hero to life on the silver screen. The movie takes a dark, gritty and realistic approach to the super hero genre as the X-Men fight to protect a world that hates and fears them wearing sleek, black leather battle uniforms instead of the traditional colorful costumes of their comic book counterparts. This action figure twin pack spotlights both the classic comic book costume and the movie look of the mutant mistress of the elements, Storm.