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Action Figure Gift Set

Each With Special Mutant Powers!
  • Comics
Wolverine - Gun
Iceman - Super ice slide
Mr. Sinister - Cape
Sabretooth - Bone double dagger
5 and Up
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035112 491002
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His super-sharp adamantium claws can slash through steel. His mutant healing ability can mend even the worst wounds in minutes. He's Wolverine, the best at what he does and what he does best is fight Evil Mutants! With his keen senses of sight, smell and hearing, and his frighteningly fierce fighting style, enemies claim Wolverine is more animal than mutant. But his fellow X-Men know that he's the best friend they have, especially when the going gets deadly dangerous!


Iceman as the mutant ability to turn himself into a being of living ice. Once he does that, he can create almost anything he wants: ice slides, ice weapons, ice shields, not to mention icicles and snowballs. And when he really concentrates, he can create a blinding snowstorm even in the middle of July! But most important of all, the X-Men know that no matter how hot the battle, Iceman always keeps his cool.


Mr. Sinister is a mysterious Evil Mutant mastermind who loves to plot and scheme but prefers to let others do the fighting for him. But if he's trapped and has to fight... watch out! He's super-strong and super tough... even cannon shells bounce off him! Mr. Sinister's goal is to make everyone -- even Evil Mutants -- his slaves! And what scares everyone is the fact that he has the power to make that goal a reality!


Sabretooth is Wolverine's greatest enemy. Both are products of the Top-Secret Weapon X program. But instead of using his super-sharp claws and fighting abilities for good, Sabretooth became the Evil Mutants' master assassin! Sabretooth has the same powers as Wolverine, including a mutant healing ability. What makes Sabretooth so dangerous is the fact that he's even more savage in battle than Wolverine! When the two of them fight, it's anyone's guess who will win.