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Collector's Key Chain Included!
  • Comics
Weapon X - Claws, harpoon, arm cannon w/ammo
Wolverine - Plasma weapon
Alternate-X key chain
5 and Up
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035112 490708
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WEAPON X Interchangeable Weaponry

WOLVERINE with Light-Up Plasma Weapon

Alternate-X -- Opening a portal into parallel Earths and other dimensions, Alternate X takes you to these strange other worlds. Worlds like the Age of Apocalypse, where Professor X never formed the X-Men, and Magneto leads Earth's mutants against the evil Apocalypse, the absolute ruler of North America! Alternative X always shows your favorite heroes and villains in a new light, and gives you a peek at the mutant universe that might have been!


In a world where Professor X never formed the X-Men, Wolverine remains a hero! Fighting the forces that would enslave his world, Wolverine battles alongside his friend and partner, Jean Grey! A formidable strike-team, there is little that the duo's power cannot accomplish! Fighting against overwhelming odds, Wolverine finds the strength to move forward and struggle for a better world, even in the Age of Apocalypse!


A savage mutant with a long and mysterious history, Wolverine has always been an important member of the X-Men team! Possessing adamantium claws and a mutant healing factor, Wolverine has gone up against and defeated many of the X-Men's most powerful opponents! Usually keeping his savage nature in check, there are still times when Wolverine lets loose and proves why hs is, "The best there is at what he does."