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Danger Room

  • Comics
Gambit - Staff
Nimrod - Missiles (x3)
Captive Sabretooth - Chained restraints
5 and Up
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035112 480112
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Quick to enter battle when his fellow X-Men are in danger, Wolverine proves that he is the best at what he does! Fighting may take it's toll for some, but fortunately for Wolverine, his mutant healing factor and adamantium-laced bones make him almost impossible to take down! Honing his skills in the X-Men's Danger Room, Wolverine recreates old battles and invents new scenarios, pushing himself to his limits, showing other X-Men what it takes to win against overwhelming odds!


A mutant with a dark past, many mysteries still surround the X-Men's Gambit. But even with his enigmatic past, the X-Men have learned that they can trust Gambit when times are tough. Charging objects with energy to use them as exploding projectiles is Gambit's preferred method of attack, allowing him to turn everyhting he can grab into a powerful weapon. Session in the X-Men's Danger Room have no only helped to hone Gambit's abilities but also have proven to make a perfect match for Wolverine. And many their adventures together have proven this theory correct.


Much like the X-Men's Wolverine, Sabretooth possesses a mutant healing factor and powerful savage instincts. Unlike Wolverine, however, Sabretooth has spent his lif embracing his savage nature wreaking Unforgivable destruction and tragedy for mutants and human alike! It is because of his vicious past the X-Men accepted Sabretooth into their custody, holding him with specially designed restraints in their Danger Room. And should Sabretooth try to escape his confinements Wolverine and the X-Men will be waiting for him.


After countless attempts to destroy mutantkind, the Sentinels developed new strategies as well as new technology. The final evolution in Sentinel technology, Nimrod is a mutant hunting robot with the ability to travel through time! Programmed to destroy mutants in the past before they can defend themselves, Nimrod is the most dangerous of all the Sentinels.