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Giant-Size X-Men

The All New, All-Different X-Men!

  • Comics
Storm - Cape
Banshee - Cape
5 and Up
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035112 435051
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After his original team of students was captured by the mutant island Krakoa, a desperate Charles Xavier decided it was time to form an all new, all different team of uncanny X-Men. Utilizing his mutant tracking device Cerebro and traveling to many different nations, Professor X assembled a multi-cultural team of mutants possibly more powerful than its predecessor! With some quick explanations and no formal training, these new X-Men were sent in search of their helpless teammates!


Ororo Munroe was living the life of an elemental goddess in Africa when Professor Charles Xavier came asking for her assistance. Sensing sincerity in the man's words, Ororo decided to accompany him to the States. There she adopted the codename "Storm" and used her mutant abilities to control the weather in Professor X's fight for the mutant cause! Beautiful, wise and powerful, Storm serves as the new X-Men's second-in-command under Cyclops.


Peter Rasputin lived the gentle life of a Russian collective farmer until Professor Charles Xavier came seeking his aid. Eager to learn more about his mutant powers, Peter decided to make the trek to America and lend his superhuman abilities to Professor X's new team of X-Men. Equipped with super-strength and able to transform his flesh into organic metal, Peter was dubbed "Colossus!" Though strong and powerful, this young mutant possesses a quieter, artistic side few have seen!


Kurt Wagner was never your average circus performer. Born with blue skin, fangs and a tail, this young German's "devilish" appearance and uncanny acrobatic abilities often made him the target of angry and prejudiced mobs. So when Charles Xavier offered him the chance to escape this oppression and learn more about his mutant abilities, Kurt could not refuse. Able to teleport at will, Kurt was given the codename of "Nightcrawler" and joined the ranks of Professor X's new team of X-Men!


Born into a Japanese diplomatic family, Shiro Yashida was always a high-string, hot-tempered individual. Later, when his mutant powers for generating and channeling hot plasma developed, Shiro took on the guise of Sunfire and became Japan's premier champion! Feeling he owed more to himself than Professor X, he nonetheless joined Xavier's new team of X-Men. Sunfire's mutant powers also include a built-in force field and the ability to fly!


Irish-born Sean Cassidy lived the adventurous life long before joining the X-Men. Once an Interpol inspector and later freelance secret agent, Sean often found himself knee-deep in dangerous situations. One such predicament involved Factor Three capturing Cassidy and employing the use of his "sonic scream" against the X-Men! Banshee helped defeat the villains, however, and brefriended the X-Men in the process -- making him a top candidate for Professor X's new team of uncanny X-Men!


John Proudstar was a young Apache ashamed of the dying spirit of his people. So when Professor X came calling and challenged him to be a true Apache warrior, John could not refuse the offer to join Xavier's new team of X-Men. With mutant powers of enhanced speed, strength and stamina, Proudstar embraced his Native American heritage and took on the codename of "Thunderbird". Unfortunately, Thunderbird's resilience and invulnerability were not enough to save him on the new X-Men's second mission.