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Mutant Hall of Fame

Limited Collector's Edition with Collector Display Stands
  • Comics
(all accessories and figures were glued in place)
Archangel - Launching missiles (x2)
Sabretooth - Bone double dagger
Sauron - Club
Magneto - Gun
Item Notes

"Only" 75,000 were made. They were serially numbered, and serial numbers are viewable through a small cutout at the bottom of the back of the box.

5 and Up
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035112 498001
Package Description


Iceman is able to generate blasts of intense cold that freeze the moisture in the air into ice. He can manipulate this ice into virtually any form from thick walls to delicate sculptures. At one time, Iceman was unable to control his powers and wore an inhibitor belt to contain them -- but no longer. Now this frosty mutant is fully in command of his abilities and is always ready to chill any heated situation!


When Scott Summers was still a boy, he survived an airplane accident with what appeared to be minor brain damage. However, the damage to his cortex revealed its insidious effect on his emerging mutant powers when he was in his teens. Summers found that he was unable to control the powerful blasts of energy that stabbed forth from his eyes whenever he opened them. Through trial and error, an optometrist discovered that ruby-quartz lenses were the only material that could contain Scott's optic blast -- but he also reported the youth to the F.B.I. as a mutant. Unable to control his new ability, Summers mistakenly endangered a crowd with a stray optic-burst. Although he saved the potential victims with another blast from his eyes, Scott was now a wanted fugitive. Professor X rescued the youth, and recruited him as his first student at "Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters."


One of the first mutants of the Twentieth Century, Charles Xavier manifested his powers at an extremely early age with the ability to sense other people's thoughts and intentions. After devoting his studies to advanced genetics, and after a stint in the army, Xavier eventually found himself in Tibet -- and in pitched battle with an alien named Lucifer, an advance agent for his race's intended conquest of Earth. Although defeated, Lucifer took his revenge by dropping a heavy stone block on Xavier, permanently crippling his legs. Upon his return to the United States, the wheelchair-bound Xavier became involved in a secret F.B.I. investigation of superhuman mutants. But Xavier soon severed his ties with the government and, recognizing the need for a haven for the burgeoning numbers of outcast mutants, he founded "Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters." After gathering his original five teenage students, Professor X concentrated on training his X-Men in the use of their powers -- thus preparing them for a world that would never be prepared for them.


His super-sharp adamantium claws can slash through steel. His mutant healing ability can mend even the worst wounds in minutes. He's Wolverine, the best at what he does and what he does best is fight Evil Mutants! With his keen sense of sight, smell, and hearing, and this frighteningly fierce fighting style, enemies claim Wolverine is more animal than mutant. But his fellow X-Men know that's he's the best friend they have, especially when the going gets deadly dangerous!


Once known as the Angel, Warren Worthington was shaped by the villainous Apocalypse into a vision of death. Now, as Archangel, he is empowered with brutal metal wings that allow him to fly faster than the speed of sound. His new wings contain razor-sharp blades coated with a paralyzing neurotoxin, which he can hurl with deadly accuracy. Separated forever from the playboy life he once led, Archangel now attempts to use these gifts of evil in the cause of justice!


Cain Marko, evil stepbrother of the X-Men's leader, Professor X, long harbored a secret hatred for his more distinguished sibling. Then one fateful day, he acquired the power to strike back at Xavier when he discovered the mystic gem of Cyttorak and was transformed by its awesome magical energies into a human juggernaut! Now, superhumanly strong and virtually unstoppable, he seeks vengeance on both Professor X and his students, the X-Men!


Sabretooth is Wolverine's greatest enemy. Both are products of the Top-Secret Weapon X program. But instead of using his super-sharp claws and fighting abilities for good, Sabretooth became the Evil Mutants' master assassin! Sabretooth has the same powers as Wolverine, including a mutant healing ability. What makes Sabretooth so dangerous is the fact that he's even more savage in battle than Wolverine! When the two of them fight, it's anyone's guess who will win.


Karl Lykos was cursed to drain the life-energy of others to survive... but an attempt to feed on the mutant life-energy of Havok transformed him into the terrifying man-beast called Sauron! His savage strength, hynoptic powers and unquenchable thirst for life-energy make him one of the X-Men's deadlist enemies!


Magneto is the X-Men's oldest and most dangerous enemy. Viewing himself as the savior of mutantkind. Magneto has turned his absolute mastery of magnetism toward the creation of a new world order in which mutants rule over a hapless mankind. Determined to defend the mutants he sees as his subjects from any and all threats. Magneto never hesitates to use the most ruthless means to achieve his noble ends!


Little is known about Apocalypse except that he has been a leader since the dawn of time. One of the original mutants, Apocalypse continues to pursue an ancient agenda involving the mysterious Twelve -- a gathering of poewrful mutants destined to alter the delicate balance of power between man and mutant. Reeking of power, force and timelessness, Apocalypse appears to be blue but he is a shape change by nature. Determined to weed out the weak from the strong amongst his people before the inevitable end, Apocalypse often directly conflicts with the X-Men's goal of harmony between the species. He once kidnapped one of Xavier's original students, the Angel, and warped his beautiful natural wings into razor-sharp, poison-tipped blades of destruction. Apocalypse transformed Angel into a twisted reflection of his own dark side -- the Archangel. Often employing the mutant abilities of his Four Horsemen, Apocalypse aggresively seeks a solution to the mutant problem.