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Strike Team

  • Comics
Jubilee - X-Men belt
Talos - Cape
Storm - X-Men belt
Banshee - X-Men belt, cape
Gambit - X-Men belt
Forge - X-Men belt, gun
Wolverine - X-Men belt
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Originally exclusive to BJ's Wholesale Club, it was later available at closeout stores.

4 & Up
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035112 480365
Package Description

Bringing together the greatest mutants of all-time to face the threat of an alien invasion is the X-Men Strike Team! When the shapeshifting alien Skrulls come to Earth on a mission to take over the planet, their first goal is to eradicate the mutants and the Super-Heroes of the world. Using their powerful soldier Super-Skrull, the aliens seem to be on the verge of victory until Charles Xavier brings his newest team of mutants together -- the X-Men Strike Team!


Fighting as a Skrull warrior before the alien race relied solely on their shapeshifting abilities, Talos is, in many ways a throwback to another age. But it is his reliance on his skills and determination that make him quite possibly one of the most dangerous Skrulls alive! An expert in dozens of fighting styles and alien martial arts, as well as a master strategist, Talos now fights alongside the Skrull invasion force hoping the heroes of Earth will give him one final great battle!


With unbreakable adamantium bones and retractable claws, Wolverine is a tough warrior and an impressive sight to behold. But the Skrulls have a different outlook than humans, and when they spot Wolverine, they think him to be nothing more than an average mutant. Snagging Wolverine in their retrieval ship, the aliens quickly learn how misguided they are, when Wolverine rips through the vehicle, leaving the vessel torn to shreds. Wolverine won't rest until the Skrulls are defeated and wiped from the Earth.


Attacking mutants and Super Heroes as the super-solider of his invading forces, the Super-Skrull is a force to be reckoned with. Able to use all of the powers of the Fantastic Four at the same time, the Super-Skrull would seem to be unbeatable. But even with his many powers, the Super-Skrull has a weakness in his over-confidence, and that's just what the heroes intend to take advantage of. Moving through the streets with little danger of being defeated, the Super-Skrull battles on, awaiting the heroes' challenge!


Using his background as a thief, Gambit steals his way behind enemy lines and into the fortified Skrull headquarters. But when he sets off an alarm, Remy LeBeau suspects that this day might be his last. Charging a playing card with all his mutant power will allow, Gambit tosses the glowing time bomb at his alien enemies, leaving them reeling and unconscious from the blast. Safe inside the alien compound, Gambit sends a message to his allies in the X-Men Strike Team -- time to strike!


Controlling the elements of weather makes Ororo Munroe one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, and so it is no surprise that she is among the first mutants to be targeted by the alien Skrulls. Attempting to capture her from their Skrull ships, the aliens learn just how dangerous the weather can be when twin lightning bolts fire from the clouds and send them both crashing out of control!


Firing her mutant powers like the projected fireworks that they are, Jubilee makes her escape from a pair of Skrull troopers. Returning to her fellow X-Men, Jubilee reports on the most recent movements of the alien army, and earns a pat on the back from her good friends and fellow X-Man, Wolverine. A mall rat with no intention of losing her shopping grounds to "ugly green-skinned invaders", Jubilee makes her presence in the Strike Team known, whenever and wherever she can!


A man with the mutant ability to create technological devices and weapons, Forge is one of the most valuable members of the Strike Team. Creating scanners that reveal disguised Skrulls as their true alien selves, Forge provides the key to the Earth's resistance! Now with a weapon to fight with in hand, Forge readies himself for an assault on Skrull headquarters!


Responding to distress calls from the site of his daughter's home, nothing will stop the Irish-born mutant from protecting his daughter from the danger of the alien Skrulls. Flying with all the speed and power his mutant abilities will allow, Banshee rushes to almost certain doom. But even impossible odds won't stop Banshee from trying to protect his only daughter. Banshee arrives and blasts his mutant scream to it's maximum effect, deafening the aliens and distorting them long enough to be defeated!