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The Dark Phoenix Saga

Specially Decorated, Sold Exclusively at FAO Schwarz

  • Comics
Ch'od - "Furry familiar" sidekick
Corsair - Sword, pistol, zip line w/hooks, bar with hook
Wolverine Space - Helmet
5 and Up
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035112 490500
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The X-Man known as Wolverine will travel anywhere for a good fight against the forces of evil -- even to the far reachs of outer space! Wolverine's space armor protects him from the hostile conditions of deep space, while still allowing him to bring his adamantium claws to bear on alien evil-doers! Even in this harsh environment, Wolverine is still the best there is at what he does!


The embodiment of the life force of the universe itself, the mysterious Phoenix entity merged with the telekinetic X-Man named Jean Grey, transforming her into Phoenix! As Phoenix, Jean possessed nearly unlimited telepathic and telekinetic abilities -- but the scope of her powers overwhelmed, corrupted, and eventually consumed her. But, in the manner of her namesake, Jean later rose from the ashes of her demise -- alive once again!


An alien from the Shi'ar galaxy, Ch'od's monstrous reptilian form belittles his keen intellect and heroic heart. Once a slave, he has regained his freedom, and now travels the spaceways in the company of the Starjammers, always on the lookout for other victims of tyranny in need of his aid!


Snatched from the Earth by a passing Shi'ar spacecraft, Christopher Summers was pressed into service as a slave of that galactic empire. But Summers burst the bonds of his captivity, and now in the company of his fellow Starjammers, he roams the cosmos as the free booting space pirate known as Corsair!