Secret Weapon Force: Battle Blasters » X-Men by Toy Biz

Battle Blaster Bomber

Hand-Held Jet Transforms for Surprise Attack Action!
Missile darts (x4)
Ejectable seat
5 and Up
Release Year
Manufacturer No.

035112 433309
Package Description

Soaring into danger with loads of hidden weapons is the X-Men's own Battle Blaster Bomber! Attacked by a squadron of powerful new Sentinels, the X-Men fire up their new Battle Blaster Bomber and enter the fight! Suddenly, a concealed panel on the right of the jet reveals two missiles launching at the X-Men's enemies. Then the left side follows with its own hidden array of missiles, sending the X-Men's opponents fleeing in retreat. Operated by the Battle Blaster Bomber's concealed handle and trigger, missiles are revealed and launched with a quick series of trigger-pulls! And when the action gets too hot for our mutant heroes, the ejector seat will send the X-pilot free and clear and flying to safety!