Transforming Power-Slamming Action!
  • Comics
Rapid-fire disks (x6)
Gattling gun missiles (x5)
"Last chance" missiles (x2)
Side panel missiles (x2)
Reserve missiles (x4)
5 and Up
Release Year
Manufacturer No.

035112 433101
Package Description

When the X-Men going up against enemies like Master Mold and his army of Sentinels, they call in the heavy artillery of their Power Slammer Assault Vehicle. Able to move over the roughest terrain with six-wheeled action, the Power Slammer heats up any battle when the slam activator fires its side-mounted twin-missiles, taking out any threat they lock onto. But there's even more villain-pelting power -- at mode two, the slam activator fires up the rocket gattling gun, letting loose with five quick-fire missiles! And when the going gets really tough, Wolverine can set the activator to mode three, sending a barrage of six deadly disks to flatten even the toughest opponent. Complete with surprise last chance projectiles and reserve weapons chamber, the Power Slammer Assault Vehicle has fifteen projectiles to take out any evil mutant or robot that the X-Men might face!