Starman: The Protectors of Opal

DC Direct expands on its' best-selling Starman action figure by bringing you some of Opal City's finest! A DC Comics location in the tradition of Gotham City and Metropolis, Opal City boasts its' own resident circle of heroes. In an unprecedented 10-figure wave consisting of 5 two-packs DC releases some of their greatest heroes in the "Protectors of Opal." Not shown here is the Diamond exclusive boxed set "The O'Dares." Also planned is a followup series for next year "Scourges of Opal"

Jack Knight introduces the line

Here Jack Knight, Opal's premier hero, introduces the collection of figures at CustomCon 2000.

Knights of the City

Leading off the lineup is the "Knights of the City" two-pack featuring Jack and his father Ted Knight, the Original Starman.

Blue and the Grey

Next up is "The Blue and the Grey" pack with Solomon Grundy and Mikaal Tomas, the alien Starman from the 1970's.

Freedom Fighters

Here are two of the modern-day counterparts of members of the "Freedom Fighters" Black Condor and Phantom Lady.

On the Side of the Angels

Former villains Jake "Bobo" Benetti and the Shade are now acting "On the Side of the Angels."

Times Past

"Times Past" features Brian Savage, once called Scalphunter, and the ghost of Jon Valor, the Black Pirate.

Knights of the City Blue and the Grey
Freedom Fighters On the Side of the Angels
Times Past