DC: Twilight Brigade

Hasbro presents the DC Universe's newest superheroes - The Twilight Brigade!

Prime a.k.a. Jonas Melbourne:
- Intellectual genius and sound engineering expert
- Home City: New York Nemesis: Dead-Bang
A former shock-jock DJ, Prime uses sonic-based gauntlets "liberated" from the DEO

Clutch a.k.a. Dennis Armitage:
- Meta son of famed arms dealer Milo Armitage
- Home City: Miami Nemesis: Vandal Savage
Clutch uses his telekenesis and control over machines to survive his "family" life.

Midnight a.k.a. Isabelle Eden-Drake:
- Martial artist and meta, with warp, 2-D, and darkness powers; younger sister of Eve Eden a.k.a. Nightshade
- Home City: New York Nemesis: Lady Shiva
Mistakenly ID'd as the number 5 martial artist in the world, Midnight struggles to survive lady Shiva and gain custody of her adopted daughter.

Donna a.k.a. Donna:
- Daughter of Aquaman and Wonder Woman from an alternate future
- Home City: Unknown Nemesis: People who don't like Mommy
Transported from an alternate future by unknown forces, Donna knows nothing of her life other than that Midnight is her "Mommy." Now that the secret of her biological parentage has been revealed, Aquaman currently retains custody of Donna until Midnight is found worthy.

Spiral a.k.a. ??
- Super-speedster with a heart condition that requires him to have a pacemaker
- Home: Kenya Nemesis: Dr. Polaris
Spiral was placed with the Twilight Brigade on special assignment by Lex Luthor. Died while using his super-speed to save an innocent after Dr. Polaris EMPed his pacemaker.

And, as a special feature, the first member of the Twilight Brigade's Rogues Gallery - The Atom!

Discovered to be a traitor to the JLA in the alternate future, The Atom almost succeeded in destroying the Twilight Brigade before they were able to return to their own time and repair the timeline.

Hasbro has also released some special information regarding the upcoming "Twilight Brigade: Series 2." The series is slated to include:
- Kzin: alien member of the Twilight Brigade
- Acrobat: daughter of Elongated Man and newest member
- Jesse Quick: speedster who Prime has a huge crush on
Rogues Gallery:
- Dead Bang
- Vandal Savage
- Lady Shiva
- Dr. Polaris