These Star Trek figures were made by Chris Lee.

T&T Sisko body, Environmental suit Kirk head, Lirpa weapon made from clay and a metal dowel.

Target Data dremeled and painted.

Dax from 'Blood Oath' body, Lt. Torres head, fimo hair, jacket flaps, boots, and gloves.

Target Troi head, fimo headband, Dr. Pulaski torso, Janice Rand skirt (dremeled smooth) and legs. Added fimo to match torso to skirt.

Q in Starfleet uniform legs (to make him taller), Picard in first season uniform torso, Cadet Riker head.

T&T Bashir body, Andorian head, epoxy rank stripes on sleeve.

Target Data head, duty uniform Picard body.

DS9 Kira head, Target Troi body.

Tuvok head, Generations Chekov body.
Barclay head, target Data body.
Ambassador Spock head, Generations Kirk body.