All of the Amalgam figures were made by Mark Myers.

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Wave Three:

Amalgam: Wave Three

Thorion - Thorion was simply a Shatterstar repaint from the X-Men X-Force line with Paper clay added details and a hammer from a Superman Man of Steel, STEEL figure cut down to fit.


Nightcreeper - An X-Men Classics Nightcrawler, the ponytail from a Fantastic Four "Submariner" some Sculpey and a dream was all it took to bring this character into three dimensions.


Mr. X: The Skrullian Manhunter - Mr. X was made with the body of an "Archangel" figure from the X-Men Battle Brigade line minus the wings, with the head of an Iron Man "Blacklash" figure minus the Ponytail. This head would be later reused as the head for Toy Biz's Guardian figure from Alpha Flight also minus the ponytail.

Mr. X

Wraith - Wraith is a repainted first edition "Gambit" figure from the X-Men line.


Mandarinestro - Mandarinestro is a repainted "Mandarine" figure from the Iron Man line.