All of the Amalgam figures were made by Mark Myers.

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Project Cadmus Three Pack:

Amalgam: Project Cadmus

Bizarnage - Bizarnage is simply a repainted "Carnage" figure from the Spider-man Maximum Carnage line that was marbleized.


Spider-Boy - Spider-Boy is a repainted "Morph" figure from the X-Men basic figure assortment. His jacket comes from a Gambit from the X-Men Classics line with Sculpey Glaze and paint for the sleeves. The Web Gun is a "Cable" Accessory cut to resemble the Arach-Kid's weapon of choice.


Doc Ock - The not-so-mad scientist is a repainted/reissued Doctor Octopus from the Amazing Spider-man line. The accessories were removed and the figure was repainted. (Does this make it a Threepaint?)

Doc Ock