Darkwing Duck

On that fateful day in the offices at Playmates, the decree came down. Star Trek was deader than that little Taco Bell dog the day after his contract ended and he went into the deep fryer. The audience for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had moved on to more adolescent pursuits. And only geeks were buying Simpsons toys.

To save the company, they needed a white knight. They needed a hero. So they dug through the old licenses.

And they found one.

Walt Disney Corp, in conjunction with Playmates toys is proud to re-present...

Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck (no cape) Darkwing Duck (close up)
Darkwing Duck

The daring duck of mystery makes his triumphant return to the streets of St. Canard to match wits with the most fearsome villains in Disney History. Secretly, Darkwing is known as Drake Mallard. Darkwing features a two-tone cloth cape and hat, as well as his trademark gas gun.


Duckburg's finest security guard and super-hero is no stranger to St Canard, and though tensions run high between the steel-suited wonder and the masked mallard, GizmoDuck remains a champion for the cause of right. One of the founding members of the Justice Ducks, GizmoDuck spends much of his free time with his mother in their trailorpark home in his secret ID as Fenton Crackshell. GizmoDuck will come packaged with his trademark armor and rocket launcher accessory with removable rocket.

GizmoDuck (close up) GizmoDuck (really close up)
Morganna Macabre (right) Morgann Macabre (left)
Morgann Macabre (close up)
Morganna Macabre

Scintillating beauty, founding member of the Justice Ducks, and Paramour to Darkwing himself, Morganna is the spell-casting master of mystic arts in St. Canard. Morganna will come with her buggy pal.


The evil antithesis to Darkwing Duck, the Diabolical NegaDuck remains one of the most clever and most frightening villains in Disney history. Created by a freak accident in which the insane Megavolt was involved, NegaDuck soon conquered the Negaverse and helped to found the Fearsome Five along with his cohorts Megavolt, QuackerJack, Bushroot, and Liquidator. Negaduck comes with a two-toned cloth cape.

NegaDuck (left)
NegaDuck NegaDuck (close up)
QuackerJack (top) QuackerJack (close up)

The Joker and the Riddler have nothing on this bundle of unnerved madness. While Megavolt tries to hide his insanity, the fiendish QuackerJack embraces his mania with glee. Quackerjack comes packaged with his spy scope looking glass (the eyehole rimmed with grease, of course) and his trusty banana puppet.

The Darkwing Duck Line from Playmates is scheduled to ship this fall in conjunction with the film from New Line Cinema.

Card back Card front GizmoDuck (carded) Morganna Macabre (carded) QuackerJack (carded)