DC Direct - Planetary

To follow their World's Finest: Enemies and Allies wave and their Batman Adventures wave of figures, DC Direct will be releasing Planetary figures. In Planetary, mystery archaeologists track down evidence of a vast array of superhuman activity that the rest of the world never knew existed! Now they're a quartet of action figures from DC Direct!

All of the DC Direct Planetary figures were made by Rich Medley.

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Jakita Wagner

Jakita Wagner was made from an X-Movie Jean Grey with hair from a White Queen. Her collar flap was crafted from Sculpey. After trimming her boot tops a bit, I just had to paint her flap and pinstriping.

The Drummer

The Drummer uses the body of Scott Evil with the head of Babylon Five's Marcus Cole. (Not pictured are his toothpick drumsticks.)

Elijah Snow

Elijah Snow started life as a Matrix Morpheus figure. His vest came from a Bret "Hitman" Hart figure. I trimmed his coat a bit shorter and sculpted some hair on him as well. I followed up with quite a bit of white paint.

Doc Brass

Doc Brass was made from a Jakks Tron-ready Kane and the head of a WCW Dean Malenko. His jodhpurs are sculpted from epoxy putty and Sculpey. His belt, wristbands, shirtsleeves, epaulets and collar are all rubber bands.