Marvel's Famous Covers

Famous Covers Group Shot

All of the Famous Covers figures were made by Nick Robinson.

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Dr. Octopus Doc Ock

Comicbook Toad head... shrunk in acetone for 24 hours, removed and left to 'dry' for 5 days - shrinks nicely! (Thanks to Jason Trouth for the instructions). Used an M2 body, cut about 1.5 cms off the legs for the extra 'squat' effect and a pouch of cotton wool for his belly then sewed on the 'fat suit'. The arms are from the 12" Doc Ock pulled off and jammed into hastily carved holes in his back.

Spiderman Spiderman

Spiderman FC, 10" Spiderman head, costume altered (mittens cut off) one hand resculpted, both repainted.

Hobgoblin Hobgoblin

Plaster cast of the Green Goblin face glued onto a faceless Dark Phoenix head! Then a bit of miliput sculpting to blend the two together. Any M1 FC body will do. Costume hand sewn. Reused the GG's bag, boots, gloves, pumpkin and sledge. Threaded florists wire through the cape and hood hems to help keep the shapes and aid poseability.

Black Cat Blackcat

Comicbook Storm X-Men Twopack head, with extra hair rooted in, Black Spiderwoman body, altered Black Widow costume. Painted white hands.

Electro Electro

Gambit head and body, wearing a Vision costume (diamond removed with nail-polish remover). Sculpted cowl onto Gambit's head. Glued on Electro mask (with lower prongs cut slightly to allow greater range of movement). Glove spikes from the Electro FC's gloves. Hands are the Visions. Used yellow PVC back with double-sided adhesive for the costume decor (used the original FC's designs as a pattern).