Global Guardians

In strange turn of events, a new toy company, Just Us Toys Inc., has picked up the DC character license after Hasbro had abandoned it. The license will be shared though with DC comics. Perhaps even stranger is the fact that this toy company opted not to go with mainstream characters, such as Superman & Batman. Rather they have chosen to go with some very underrated characters, that had appeared mainly in the old Super Friends comic book, and resurfaced during the early 1990's in the pages of the Justice League. This group of characters is known as The Global Guardians!

The line will consist of 16 characters, and will be offered as two-packs. After some digging it was discovered just who would be packaged with whom.

Dr. Mist & Lil Mermaid

Jack-O-Lantern & Owlwoman

Seraph & Tuatara

Green Fury & Ice Maiden

Tasmanian Devil & Bushmaster

Wild Huntsman & Impala

Godiva & Olympian

Rising Sun & Thunderlord

They will come on a blister card featuring the Global Guardians logo and the backs with feature the bios of they heroes included in the set. They will show up in major retail stores in August and will cost approximately $6.99 per set.