Hasbro Collector's Editions

All the Hasbro Collector's Edition figures were made by Ron Kenyon.

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Bane was made from a LOTDK Bane. I cut off the hair, tubing, and those long, gnarly fingernails. I cut about 1/4" to 1/2" out of the lower legs to get the figure down to a more reasonable height. The Venom injector was made from some leftover cell phone accessory.

I used images from the Knightfall storyline as references. There is a drybrush of dark blue on the costume which is not very visible in these photos. I started this custom well over a year ago, but got distracted.

"I will break you!"

JLA Batman


Batman was made from a LOTDK Dark Knight Batman. I added 8 new points of articulation, for a total of 13. The ankle and knee joints came from X-Man, and the elbow and forearm joints came from a Skeleton Warriors figure. I also trimmed the cape, ears, and arm spines. The figure has a gray drybrush on the body and dark blue on the cape, cowl, boots, and gloves (doesn't show well in pictures). The intention was to create a Batman figure that closely resembles the Morrison JLA version.

This custom was inspired directly by Valors' excellent version. The new articulation was inspired by Spinner's incredible multiposable custom figures. Unfortunately, the added articulation turned out to be mostly an academic excercise. The cape restricts the figure's movement, and the lack of ball-jointed hips and shoulders doesn't help.

I have a few extra pics of the "joint-addition" process that I may convert into a how-to article.

"Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!"



Bizarro was made from a DC Heroes Superman lower torso, Sandman upper torso & head, and Darkstalkers Dimitori hands. I sanded the figure and sculpted on some hair. I chose the darker paint scheme to stand out from Superman.

This figure started as an old-school Bizarro; you know, the blocky-looking one. I was just sculpting onto the already deformed DC Heroes Superman figure (see Superman custom for explanation). Unfortunately, it was looking like crap. I found a new head and torso, and it came out much better, IMO.

Abandoned "old-school" Bizarro custom

My wife told me this custom looks like me when I'm mad. I look nothing like that:

Me am handsome.



Superman was made from a DC Heroes Superman figure. The Hasbro version was pigeon-toed, had scoliosis, was wall-eyed, and worst of all, had underdeveloped calves! Some Superman! I rotated the thighs, built up the calves, straightened the torso, and trimmed down the lantern jaw. A darker paint job, and now we have the true man of steel.

Take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of the extent of the changes. Fortuitously, the torso straightening added about 1/4" in height. I used decal paper (commonly used for model car kits) to get the basic Superman emblem. I considered a head swap until I saw Iron Cow's work so well.

For this project, Hasbro hired freelance sculpter and action figure aficinado "Bizarro" Arkenyon to create these deluxe two-packs. Here is what he had to say about it:

  "Old little mans am good. New little mans am badder!"