Heroes of the 80's!

New from Metztoys: 8" collector's figures based on two of the most popular cartoons of the 80's. Fully articulated with cloth costumes and accessories, these Mego-like figures are an answer to the wave of 80's nostalgia sweeping the collector's market.

All the Heroes of the 80's! figures were made by Scott Metzger.

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All figures have been made from 8" Mego figures, male and female. Costumes all hand sewn from jersey knit and similar materials. Heads re-done with Friendly Plastic modeling plastic and acrylic paints. Some pieces (chest plates, mostly) taken from Masters of the Universe figures.

Baroness - Invisible Girl
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander - Human Torch head under there someplace
Destro - John Boy maybe (honestly can't remember)
Duke - Superman
Scarlet - Wonder Woman
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes - somebody under there; who I can't remember