G.I. Joe

This GI Joe line is by Dave Eggert.

The filecard art is by Brock Hor.

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Base: Daredevil
Tactical vest, M4A1 rifle: Special Forces SEAL fire team
Watch: Snake Pliskeen
Holster, pistol: MGS Raiden
Knife: MGS Meryl
Pistols and holsters: DG Abbey Chase
Grenades: Movie Maniacs T-800
FAS-MA rifle: MGS Solid Snake

Base: X-Men movie Rogue
SOCOM pistol, smoke grenades: Special Forces accessory pack
Swords: MGS Solidous Snake

Body, head, hands, MP5 submachine gun: Special Forces
Arms: Classic Spidey
Pistol: MM T-800

Storm Shadow:
Base: Daredevil
Sword: MGS Raiden
Nunchuks: Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu
Knives: Buffy, Danger Girls figs
Pouch belt: Bullseye
Grappling hook: MGS Meryl