G.I. Joe

This GI Joe line is by Dave Eggert.

The filecard art is by Brock Hor.

Check out Brock's website!

Body: Special Forces Green Beret
Head: Spec. Forces Green Beret w/ X-Men movie Logan face
Ammo pouches: MGS Solid Snake
Bullets: MGS Revolver Ocelot
Shotgun: Palisades RE Leon Kennedy
Beretta M93R: Palisades RE Claire Redfield

Lady Jaye:
Upper body, feet, holster, harness, belt, knife: MGS Olga
Legs: Classic Spidey Symbiote Spidey
Hair: X-Men movie Jean Grey
Hands Ammo pouches: RE Jill Valentine
Pistol, FAS-MA rifle: special forces figure

Head: X-Files Scully
Body: X-Men movie Jean Grey
Holster, belt: Metal Gear Solid revolver Ocelot
Crossbow: Buffy the vampire slayer
Shoulder armor: Resident Evil Jill Valentine

Base: Classic Spidey Daredevil
Visor: Cyclops
Knives: Danger Girl Natalia Kessel
Sword: MGS Raiden
Guns: DG Abbey Chase, MGS Solidous Snake
Pouches: MGS Solid Snake, Special Forces figures, RE Chris Redfield
Timber (wolf): MGS Sniper Wolf