DCU Animated

After Hasbro lost the license for the Batman & Superman animated series figures, we felt it was time to bring for ward some of our long time planned DCU range. Rather than concentrating on a particular group/line we have gone for a variety of characters past & present.

Firstly we have Animal Man.

He comes in the later look with the jacket and crew cut hair. No acc' at this point will be added.

Next comes Captain Atom.

Sporting the look he had during the run of the JLE comic. Again no acc' at this point.

Then comes JSA Flash.

This is a later look for Flash with the graying hair. He starts our JSA figures.

Next is JSA Green Lantern.

This is the Alan Scott GL, and again can fit in with most JSA time lines. He comes with a power ring and a Lantern Battery, not pictured.

Then JSA Hawkman.

Whether you take it as a new Hawkman or the older version is up to you the only change made is the more techno looking feathery wings. He comes with a mace.

Then JSA Wildcat:

He completes the JSA for this line.

After that we have Parallax:

This is Hal Jordan gone bad, he comes with a cape and green energy based
shield, not pictured. This is Hal around the Zero Hour time.

Then the STAS Style Sinestro.

Based on STAS show style, he comes with a yellow power ring.

Thanks for taking the time to view our products. Collect 'em all!!