Famous Covers


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Attuma was made from a Mr. Sinister. His body had been dyed light blue and then painted with a blue tint. The Helmet was sculpted and the boots, shorts, and cuffs were from Sinister's costume.

CottonMouth was made from a Daredevil Figure. His suit was dyed purple and his gloves and boots were from Cyclops. The gloves and boots were cut for the jagged look. Putty was used to sculpt the head and mouth and foam core was used for the insignia.

Immortus was made from a Vision body. The head wad modified with Epoxy putty, the boots were from Hawkeye and the Cape was from Magneto.

Medusa---man she was a piece of work. The head is an X-men Movie 2 pack Storm. The head and hair has dyed and then repainted. The head was reattached to a Phoenix body and the suit was from the Same storm but dyed.

Sandman was made from a Sinister head and body. The body was dyed yellow and then repainted. The shirt was the top half of an Iron Man jumpsuit dyed and the lines drawn in. The pants were from an X-men Evolution Cyclops. Putty was used on the hand arms and heads to give the sandy effect. The Big hand was from an Generation X Mondo.

Wizard was made from a Vision Body and Suit. The helmet was modified with Expoxy putty. The suit was lightened then dyed for the light purple tint. The singlet and belt was from a Green Goblin. The gloves were repainted.

Cobra was made from a Hawkeye head and body. The suit was from a Green Goblin. The head was modified with Putty. The Wrist straps were from a Black Widow and dyed green.

Trapster was made from a DD body and suit. The suit was dyed purple. The head was a modified Captain America head. The gloves and shoes were from a Vision figure. The booties were from a X-men movie 2 pack storm. The gun was generic. The cord was my old phone recharger and the cylinder was from a super glue container.