Marvel Universe: Unfinished Business

by Albert Lew.

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Captain America - base figure is Captain America from Capcom vs Marvel but with X-Men Havok legs so that he'd be in scale with the Avengers.

Iron Man - repainted Stealth Armor Iron Man. Used milliput to lengthen the arms and legs to be in scale

Hercules - body is Zangief from Streetfighter vs X-Men. Head modified with milliput. Harness is belt from 2 Zangiefs.

Sersi - Body is Elektra, jacket came from Black Widow

Alpha Flight

Box - Made from X-Men Classic Light Up Juggernaut, head is helmet from Electro Spark Spiderman modified with milliput

Marrina - Streetfighter Chun Li body with details dremeled off. Milliput hair and webbed hands.

Talisman - head is from 1st Thor, body is Dr Strange, pouch is Robot Fighter Jubilee backpack

Heralds of Galactus

Air Walker - repainted Multiple Man with milliput details. Wings came from X-Men 2009 Halloween Jack

Nova - X-Men 2009 La Lunatica, dremeled down body and repainted

Infinity Watch

Gamora - base figure is Psylocke, milliput skulls and belt. Loincloth is from White Queen's staff, knives are from Evil Ernie

Moondragon - base figure is Morrigan from Darkstalkers. Cape is from JLA Martian Manhunter. I had to draw in her costume webbing with a permanent marker


Crystal - repainted "crystal-clear" Invisible Woman. Hair modified with milliput.

Karnak - X-Men Morph body and Tony Stark Iron Man head modified with milliput

Marvel: Dark Side

Gargoyle - Body is Hulk from Avengers gift set, milliput ears,claws and toes. Wings are from Moore Darkchylde.

Mephisto - Halloween Jack from X-Men 2009, milliput hair, cape is from Darkstalker's Dimitri. Collar and loincloth cut from Nira X figure's loincloth

Nightmare - X-Men Morph head on Hobgoblin body, cape is from Animated Batman modified with milliput