Bionic Six (1986)
by LJN

3.75" Figures

Package Description

While leading a scientific expedition across the Himalayas, Bionic Man Jack Bennett, his wife Helen and four teenaged children, Meg, Eric, J.D. and Bunji, are attacked by a band of bloodthirsty creatures! Jack Bennett fights to protect his family, but the struggle triggers an avalanche which leaves them all trapped beneath an ancient glacier.

Under the glacier they come upon a strange form of energy . . . like nothing they have ever seen before! It causes Jack's family to sink into a sleep-like trance but his bionics make him immune.

The brilliant Professor Amadeus Sharp finally comes to their rescue. In his secret laboratory, Professor Sharp gives each of the Bennett's special bionic powers. The Bennett Family is together again. Bionics on! However now they are . . . THE BIONIC SIX!

Together they fight the evil Dr. Scarab and his minions of destruction; Glove, Mechanic, Madame-O, Klunk and Chopper in a continuous effort to keep the world safe and free.