Wacka Ding Hoy!
Plextoys is proud to present a new line of action figures based on the hot new PBS series American Flagg! The Adventures of Reuben Flagg, Plexus Ranger! All the excitement and intrigue can now be yours!

Wave 1 consists of (from left to right) Hilton Krieger, Reuben Flagg, Gretchen Holstrum and John Scheiskopf.

Wave 2 consists of (from left to right) Luthor Ironhean, Medea Blitz, Mayor C.K. Blitz and Raul.

Reuben Flagg
The former video star leads the Rangers of the Chicago Plexmall! Brave and fearless, Reuben fights for truth and justice against the Plex, the ASLC, and anyone else who tries to screw with the USA!

Gretchen Holstrum
As hostess of the Plexmall's Love Canal franchise, Gretchen is the Welcome Wagon for any important visitor to Chicago.

Hilton Krieger
Plexus ranger, co-founder of the Genetic Warlords and Video Pirate! "Hammerhead" runs Q-USA - the local pirate video station!

John Scheiskopf
Watch out! He's PIA - Plex Internal Affairs! He's also a card carrying member of the ASLC and out to get Reuben and Raul at any cost! And with a tank of Siphogene gas, John can take out anyone who gets in his way!

Medea Blitz
She's the Mayor's daughter and one tough Ranger! Deputy Ranger Blitz is ready to lay down the law to the people of Chicago.

Luther Ironheart
Reuben asked for a deputy and got one! Loyal, but not too bright, Luther takes artificail intelligence to a whole new plateau. When you need then strong, but dumb, Luther's yours artificial man!

C.K. Blitz
Mayor of Chicago, Blitz was once a Plexus Ranger and co-founder of the Genetic Warlords. C.K. usually avoids trouble, but just incase he has his bodyguards Bert and Ernie to cover his back.

The talking cat with an attitude! He's one mean kitty and with hands courtesy of Jerry Rigg, he's one mean pilot, too!

The Plexmall Playset
Reenact your favorite episode or create your own with the Plexmall Playset! Fight off a Gogang rampage! Throw a disper party! Visit Love Canal! Stop John Scheiskopf from gassing Chicago! You can do it all with the Plexmall Playset!