All the figures on this page, except Alfred, were made by Dustin Baetz. Alfred was made by Tim Priebe.

Mr. Zsasz - TNBA Riddler, knife from the Scream killer, sculpey hair. The scars were drawn on individually with a pen - tedious but fun.

Scarecrow - TNBA Creeper body, elongated legs and arms with wire and sculpey, TNBA Bruce Wayne coat with front panel removed, sculpey sleeves, hand-sculpted head and hat, hair from Super Elasticlay for flexibility. I'll get him a noose soon.

Catwoman - hand-sculpted over the summer of '99. Perhaps my longest and most significant project, as well as the most enjoyable and educational. A patchwork of Premo and Super Sculpey with wire articulation.

Calendar Girl - hand-sculpted from Premo and Super Sculpey over a wire armature, articulated at the shoulders and neck. Gun from Arkham Escape Two-Face. This took a dismal turn mid-summer, but fifteen hip surgeries later emerges as one of the stand-outs of my display.

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Alfred was made using the body of a TNBA Wildcard Joker, and a head made out of Super Sculpey.

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