All of the figures in the Crisis on Infinite Earths line are made by Tim Priebe.

Jonah Hex was made with the head of a Wild Wild West Artemus Gordon figure, and the body of a James West figure. They bigger eye is sculpey, and the lip scar is a thread. The collar is also Sculpey.

Robin was made from a Toybiz DC Super Heroes Robin figure. I dremelled off his booties and the scales on his undies, and repainted him!

Harbinger was made from a JLA Huntress. I popper her hair off and dremelled all her details off. Then I sculpted basically everything on and painted!

A SMOS Power Flight Superman took a minor adjustment to be turned into E1 Supes. I dremelled the long hair off, repainted the hair, and he was good!

The Antimonitor was originally a TJ Darkseid figure. The left hand (his right) was the glove from a movie Bane figure. This figure took a lot os sculpting and complicated painting. The hoses are from a variety of figures. The head is done from scratch, over Darkseid's head.