Finally, the line of action figures that fans have been waiting 15 years for! Hasbro already has several waves of figures lined up for Crisis on Infinite Earths, and we've got lots of pictures!

Here's a shot of the fifth wave of Crisis figures. This time we're back to a 3-pack and three individual figures. The figures are (back to front, left to right) Earth D Green Arrow, Earth 3 Alex Luthor, Earth X Uncle Sam, Earth 1 Brainiac Destroyed, Earth 1 Lex Luthor and Earth 1 Psimon.

Here's the Earth D Green Arrow. He comes with a bow and arrow.

Here's a couple of close-ups of Earth 3 Alex Luthor.

Here's a close-up of Earth X Uncle Sam.

Here's a picture of the Panel 3-Pack, "Look No Further, Luthor!"

Here's close-ups of all three figures in the 3-Pack. Though not visible, Brainiac has a retracting chest panel.

Here's a couple of individual figures in the package.

And here's the backs of those packages.

Here's a final shot of the Crisis table! Fans are sure to love this line of action figures!