Here's a new DC line from Hasbro! They even have a story-line to go with it!

Two-Face has stolen a time machine and is wreaking havoc in two centuries. In the present, Oracle dispatches Nightwing and Steel to combat Two-Face's dual terrors. In the 853rd century, Justice Legion members Atom and Aqualad conquer the flip side of Two-Face's diabolical plan. Will the heroes of today and tomorrow be enough to stop Two-Face's terrors? You decide with DC Heroes: Times Two!

With his powerful armor and even more powerful intellect, Steel is more than a match for Two-Face's twisted time terrors!

Nightwing, a.k.a. Dick Grayson, is the only person to defeat Two-Face as Batman and Robin!

Oracle tracks down Two-Face from her Mobile Command Center Transport, which gives her instant access to computers world wide.

Two Face doubles his reign of terror as he takes on heroes from two centuries. Can the two-sided trouble-maker defeat the heroes from two eras?

DC One Million Aqualad is a member of Justice Legion B and a being made entirely of water!

The sole survivor of a dead universe, the DC One Million Atom multiplies himself as he shrinks and can rearrange his multiples into various elements.