The DC Heroes: Times Two line is by Grant Yeary.

This was a simple head swap. It used the head of a Congo figure (I don't remember the name) and the body of JLA Steel.

Nightwing used a TJ Green Lantern head, TJ Flash body, TJ Green Arrow head, and Iron Man Backlash numchuks (for escrima sticks attached to back).

Oracle used the head from a She-Force Viper and the body from a She-Force Silver Fox. The chair was made from the plastic from action figure packages and various accessories.

Two Face used a Batman Forever Two-Face body and a Jurassic Park head (I don't know the figure's name).

DC One Million Aqualad is made from a Batman and Robin Razor Skate Robin and lots of washes of paint.

The big Atom was a Happy Meal Spider-man, and the little Atoms were Micro Machines X-Wing Pilots.