"In Brightest Day" contains figure all done by Dustin Baetz.

Kyle Rayner - head, basic torso, hands, and feet from Nightwing. Ring cast from Total Justice Kyle. The rest is hand-sculpted from a patchwork of Premo and Super Sculpey. Took a long time, but it was great fun.

Abin Sur - body from TNBA Creeper, head from TNBA Mr. Freeze. After standard Dremeling, I reattached the legs and attached the head using sewing snaps - great effect, and allows for the "disappearing" feature. Ears and gauntlets from Premo. The right arm had the elbow section removed, and the resculpted elbow of a Resident Evil 2 Leon figure is attached in its place by wire. Another fun effect. Ring cast from TJ Kyle.

Superman - inspired by Baldwyn's accurate STAS Supes, using TNBA Batman legs and chest, TNBA Bruce Wayne head, and reposed STAS Power Swing Supes arms. Premo used to bulk up chest and add hair and boots. Cape from JLA Steel.

Sinestro - Heavily modified Nightwing head, Creeper body and arms, Mr. Freeze legs. Premo for gauntlets. Rings cast from TJ Kyle.

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