The Titans wave of JLA figures is by Jamie Bramble.

Nightwing was made from a TJ Green Lantern head with the mask carved down to appropriate proportions, and a TJ Flash body with wrist and ankle gauntlets sculpted from Magic Sculpt. He was then painted with acrylic paints.

Troia was made from an Alpha Flight Aurora figures. Her bracelets, belt, and boots were sculpted on with Magic Sculpt and her necklace is a piece of metallic thread with a medallion made from Magic Sculpt. She was painted with acrylic paints. The star splatter effect was achieved by lightly dipping a tooth brush in white paint and then running my thumb over it to flick the paint onto the body.

Tempest was made from an Alpha Flight Northstar figure. body was smoothed over with Magic Sculpt to cover fine lines. The head comes from an old soccer figure (Tab Ramos). He was then painstakingly hand painted with acrylics. You would need a better picture to see the true detail of his paint job.

Cyborg use a Congo figure's head on a Superman Blue body. The legs are from a JLA Plastic Man figure. Cyborg was then painted with a gold leaf spray paint and his eyes were painted with red acrylic paint.

Damage is made from a TJ Robin torso and arms, the hands from a TJ Black Lightning, legs from a TJ Flash, and the head form a Toybiz Nova figure. He was painted with acrylic paints.