At CustomCon 2000 Hasbro presented the first wave of the highly anticipated JSA: The Legacy line. It will showcase the current inheritors of Golden Age Justice Society of America members.

First, this is a group shot of all the line. From left to right: Sand, J.J. Thunder, Atom Smasher, Starman VII and Mr. Terrific II.

This is a more detailed look at the new JSA's chairman, Sanderson Hawkins, Sand figure.

Here's a picture of J.J. Thunder the new master of the Thunderbolt, as seen in the JLA storyline: Crisis Times Five.

Here's Al Rothstein, JSA's nuclear giant, Atom Smasher figure.

Here's the Jack Knight, Starman VII figure with his Cosmic Staff.

And to complete the wave, is the modern day fair player, Michael Holt, Mr. Terrific II.

And here's one last group shot.