After astounding us with one wave of bad guys from the now-revived Super Powers line, Hasbro surprises us again with a second wave of villains! This time, it's the Legion of Doom!

The second wave of SP figures include (from left to right) Captain Cold, Solomon Grundy, Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Gorrila Grodd, Cheetah, Bizarro, Black Manta, Brainiac, Scarecrow, and the Riddler. Note the re-release of of Lex Luther and Brainiac, two figures not available since their initial release in the lines first wave. Also included is the Riddler, a figure that until now has only been available in forigen release. It should be noted that the two remaining Legion of Doom members, Giganta and the Toyman, were considered for inclusion with this line, but tested very, very poorly with all the focus groups polled. It was determined it would be better to re-release eariler figures than waste production captial on those two particular characters.

Cheetah & Captain Cold, floor and catalogue shots

Here we see shots of both the Cheetah and Captain Cold. Wonderman's best known foe, the Cheetah features "claw slashing action". It should be noted that this is not how the Cheetah appeared in that by gone cartoon which inspired this line. Line Designer Clay Arceneaux, after consultation with Senior Super Power Production Designer "Fat Sal", decided to maintain the lines tradition of depicting it's character as they appeared in the comics circa 1984-1986. At that time the Cheetah appeared as above. Captian Cold features a removable "Cold Gun" and "Quick draw action" for giving his arch-foe, the Flash, more than just a cold shoulder.

Bizarro and Solomon Grundy, floor and catalog shots.

The Legion of Doom's two third person talking muscle men. Bizarro features an "Imperfect Punch", and a removeable "Bizarro #1" medalion. Solomon Grundy comes with a double armed "Swamp Smash" power action.

Gorrila Grodd, floor and catalog shots.

The line's largest figure will come on an extra large card similar to Darkseid. Longtime Flash foe Gorrila Grodd makes his plastic debut as part of this assortment. Like Darkseid before him, this larger figure will come with a slightly higher price point, but features two power actions- the powerful "Simian Smash" and the "Power of the Mind" throwing action.

Black Manta and Scarecrow, floor and catalog shots.

Terror of the deep, the Black Manta surfaces in this assortment. Considered Aquaman's deadly foe, Black Manta feature the same power swimming action as his arch enemy. The sinister Scarecrow menaces the Caped Crusader with "Fear Raising" arm raising action and a removable hat.

Sinestro, floor and catalog shots. Sinestro as GL mail away.

Rounding out our Legion of Doom is the renegade Green Lantern, Sinestro. Sinestro featres the same ring raising action as his rival, Green Lantern. In the fine tradition of Super Powers mail-away premiums, the Super Powers Legion of Doom assortment will offer a varient "Sinestro as a Green Lantern" figure for those kids and collectors who send in 5 SP proof of purchases and $2.00 U.S. shipping. Like Clark Kent before him, we think this Sinestro varient will be a hot item on the collectors market in a few years time.

Example of Legion of Doom packaging.

The Legion of Doom assortment will come on the same standard Super Powers card that has served the line so well since 1984. However to help this assortment to stand out from it's Super Powered bretheren, it will feature a Legion of Doom insert inside the plastic blister, as shown above.