All the Superman: The Animated Series figures were made by Randy Hayes.

High Father was made from a TNBA Batman's torso and arms, with BTAS Batman legs and a TNBA Mr. Freeze head. The cape, belt, and tunic were made from felt, with the belt buckle being made from cardboard. The cape fastener was made from a metal brad painted gold. Sculpey was added for the hair and beard, as well as to smooth out the boot tops of the BTAS legs. I Dremeled the gloves off of the TNBA arms, and also smoothed down the Batman belt with the Dremel. The gold bands were outlined with a pen.

Lightray's base is an Arkham two-pack Batman for the torso and arms, with Knight Glider legs and a BTAS Batman head. I used this base because I think it compliment's Lightray's shape more than Nightwing, which was going to be my first choice. The hair was sculpted from scratch with sculpey. Special thanks to my pal, Brady, for touching up the paint job for me!

Orion was made from a Detective Batman, with the chin shaved off via Dremel as were the boots and gloves. Sculpey was added for the helmet and glove cuffs, and he was painted with acrylics. I had planned to make a removable helmet, but changed my mind.

Mr. Miracle, A.K.A. Scott Free, was made from an Arkham two-pack Batman torso, Knight Glider arms and legs, and a BTAS Batman head. His cape is made from green felt, with the "fastener" made from sculpey. The cape is actually glued on, but I may change that someday when I don't have other customs to make. The hub and neck were added with sculpey and wire. The Knight Glider Bats' right hand (which originally held the controls for his flightpack) was drilled with the Dremel.

Darkseid's uncle was made from a BTAS Batman body (torso, arms and head), with BTAS Ra's Al Ghul legs. I Dremeled off the excess armor from the Ra's legs, as well as the Batman ears. I smoothed over the mask line on Batman's face with sculpey, and sculpted the hat, arm bands, collar, sleeves and kneepads with sculpey as well. I smoothed out the abdomen and added the bottom of his shirt with sculpey, while the shirt details are done with paper. The cape and the belt are done with felt. The rest is just paint, ink from a pen, and sealer spray.

Forever Champion Superman was made from an STAS Quick Change Superman figure. I Dremeled off the protruding part of his chin and repainted the figure. The head I left alone except for the blood on his lip. I cut up the cape with scissors to give it that "extra crispy" look.

Omega Defeat Darkseid was made from a TNBA Batman with sculpey added for the arms, shirt, head, boots, and feet (to make them wider). I actually made him so I'd have a normal Darkseid (never could find Omega Blast), and then basically tore him up for this custom. I plan to make another normal Darkseid sometime in the future.

Legacy Superman was made from a TNBA Batman with sculpey added to smooth over the extraneous details, as well as to add the boot cuffs, gloves, shoulder pads, belt buckle, and collar area. I also sculpted the brow and s-curl on Superman's head, and shaved off the protruding part of his chin. The head came from Quick Change Superman's Clark Kent overlay.