Adventures in the DC Universe

Collection 2: VILLAINS of the DC Universe

Villains of the DC Universe

All figures were made by Julius Marx and General Zod.

Black Adam

Black Adam - by Zod: Adam is made from a Tornado Force Superman sanded down, modified and given a haircut, with Hulk Doc Sampson boots.

Black Manta

Black Manta - by Zod: Made from one of the Keaton movie Batmans some small tubes, and a whole lotta milliput!

Brainiac (classic)

Brainiac (classic) - by Zod: Brainiac is a Nightwing variant and a classic X-men Xavier head and Milliput.

Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang - by Zod: Cap is a Nightwing body, shaved Ra's al Ghul head with sculpy jacket, scarf and hat.

Live Wire

Live Wire - by Julius: This is another Iron Cow recipe (and I like their hairdo better). This and Parasite were my first 2 customs. She is a modified Harley Quinn and I added a lightning bolt from the Star Wars POTF FX Emperor.

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor (classic) - by Zod: Zod LOVES this version of Luthor and he HAD to have a figure of it. He is made from a Luthor head and one of the Combat belt Batman repaints.

Mirror Master

Mirror Master - by Julius: Mirror master is made from a modified Speed Racer Assassin figure and some extra sculpy bits.


Parasite - by Julius: Like I said earlier this was one of my firsts and I was still getting used to thinning acrylics. Just like your first love, it's kinda rough, but has a special place in your heart. He is a Superman body and a modified Speed Racer -Racer X head.

The Shade

The Shade - by Zod: Shade is a Nightwing body, shaved Ra's Al Ghul head with Mad hatters hat and some milliput.


Sinestro - by Zod: Sinestro is a Nightwing body, modified original Joker head (cut and elongated for that long forehead look) and Milliput. Most people use a Bruce Wayne head for Sinestro customs. I just think the use of the Joker head makes an EVIL looking Sinestro!

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy - by Julius: Grundy is a modified Bizarro. I changed his hair, gave him sculpy sleeves and pant legs and a vinyl jacket collar.