Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

All of the Batman Beyond Wave 4/Mission Masters 4 figures were made by Dare.

STREET DANDY BATMAN - Basically the base for my old Bruce Wayne as I was trying out parts. Everything's identical to my Bruce base except I haven't removed the Batman head yet. The coat is obviously borrowed from the TNA Bruce. The hat is taken from the Wild Wild West Will Smith figure, and the cane is a bent piece of a toy spear with the head cut off.

KARATE BASHIN' BATMAN - Just your standard batman figure (In this case, from Knight Assault Batman), sporting a gi from Toybiz's Ryu figure, with added black ribbon for the belt, and a breakapart wall from an Animated Hulk figure, I think.

CRASH READY BATMAN - Just a few pieces from some random Batman TNA figure, (a work in progress for a future custom), an animated superman crotch, and arms and a head from one of those old Crash Dummy toys. The "ears" are just uncured Sculpey.

XMAS ESPIONAGE JOKER - A joker from one of the Hasbro 4 packs, wearing a coat from the Toybiz Cammy, the same piece of black ribbon from Karate Batman, and some curly fake hair from, er, I don't know where that came from either!


JURASSIC NEANDERTHAL BATMAN w/ ROBIN the triceratops wonder - Knight Assault Batman again, this time wearing some scrap pieces of fabric printed with animal patterns, and carrying a bone from Luke vs. the Rancor... makes you just wanna sing the theme from 2001, doesn't it? The Triceratops is the from the Japanese Beastwars line.

AVENGING ANGEL BATMAN - Take the Batman from the TNA bike w/ sidecar set, slip on a wedding dress from one of my sister's old Barbies, some wings from a Kamikaze kaito Jeanne candy toy, and you have a Bat-variant! The sword is from one of the Toybiz Hercules figures, I think, and that other thingamabob's from a figure from one of the TMNT movies. The one with lots of Samurai.