DC/Marvel Extreme 2-packs

All DC/Marvel Extreme 2-packs were made by John Adamik.

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Anti-Heroes: Venom-Classic Spidey venom with Venom the Madness head. Punisher- WCW Hollywood Hogan body with Titan Tron Vince McMahon head.

Legends of Green Lantern: Kyle- WCW Sting body, WCW Dean Malenko head, Mr.Majestic hands. Hal- WCW Sting body, DC Direct Hal Jordan head, hands from misc wrestlers.

Rookies and Veterans: Nightwing: WCW Sting body and head with hair from a light up Gambit. Robin- Ninja Robin with a new arm from a ninja Wolverine and cape from DC Direct Dr.Fate.

Thunder and Lightning: Thor- Avengers Thor head, cape, lower legs, plates, and belt buckle with WCW Goldberg Body. Flash: WCW Sting with hands from misc. wrestlers.

Style Clash: Daredevil 2050- WCW Sting. Batman Animated: Space Ghost with ears and arm fins from DC 7 in Bats.

Superman and Cap Deluxe Boxed Set: Supes- WCW Goldberg body with WCW Sting head with hair from a WCW Scott Hall and Cape from a FC Thor. Cap- WCW Goldberg body, WCW Sting head with hand and boots from Avengers Cap. The Flag came from the Fighting American figure and the Turbo Bike is from the McFarlane 3D Animation line.