Hellfire Club

When Miked Limited released its plans to display its Hellfire Club line many fans were X-tatic.

Here's the X-Clusive pics of the Hellfire Club line.

Hellfire Club

All Hellfire Club Figures were made by Mike DiMuzio.

Pearce and Selene

How Pearce was made. A blend of Black Tom Cassidy with Trevor Fitzroy. Fitzroy's arms and head with goatee shaved off and the body and legs of Black Tom. Nicley repainted with acyrilic paints and a cloth cape. The neck to the cape is from the villian from the Kull line.

How Selene was made - The arms of Dark Phoenix, the head, body and legs of and AOA Jean Grey. The hair of Silver Sable. A little putty here and there and acyrlic paint.

Beef and Catseye

Beef - A simple repaint of a Venom with removable mask figure

Catseye was a repaint of Tigra. With hair made with sculpy. Her cat form is a repainted cougar from a McFarlane KISS figure.

Magma and Firestar

Magma was a repainted Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey with resculpted hair.

Firestar is a repainted Aurora figure with a vinyl mask.